Willow House Party!

Ok you guys know me I don’t normaly ‘Sell’ things on this blog and I dont’ ever intend to become that kind of blog. However I’m having a Willow House Party tonight at my house and I would like to invite you! Ok not over to my house (Hubby would kill me for handing out our address) but online.

The reason I decided to do this was honestly because of the great outlet section. I would love to show you a few things that I’m hoping to get along with a few great outlet deals! (Host Information Search for Amber De it will find me 😉

First off is this great ice cream scoop, I have it I paid full price for it and I would again. It can can go in the dishwasher and gets through the hardest frozen stuff you can throw at it. Plus its on sale! $14.96 Now $7.96

Ice Cream Scoop


This Petite Arrange -it-easyVase is so cute and makes it easy to arange fresh cut flowers from the garden. Again on sale $24.96 now $9.96

Petite Arrange-It-Easy Vase

Another item I have and use ALL THE TIME is this Peerless Peeler, its so heavy duty and makes quick work of everything. I paid full price but you don’t have to! Was $19.96 Now $4.96!

Peerless Peeler

The last thing I have and love is this Napa Vinaigrette Set, I like to  buy them and then use them as wedding gifts and on this sale you should stock up (I know I will be!) I’ve also heard of people using them for dish liquid instead. I used glass etch cream and a vinyl stencil to lable mine with Olive and Veggie and keep the oils next to my stove. Was $39.96 Now $19.96

Napa Vinaigrette Set

Now for my wish list from the current catalog (I’ll just show you in pictures.)

French Wire Convertible BasketEstate Wall Organizer

Parisian LuminariesEstate Wall Shelf

Humm do you notice the same trend I do?

Anyway stop on over and see if anything catches your eye. (Host information just search for Amber De it will find me)

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