Thoughts on Thrusdays: It dosen’t have to be fancy.

Well Valentines Day just past and I”m sure many of you got some big romantic gestures and that is very cool, in fact its so cool I want to hear all about them please leave me a comment below letting me know what you did for Valentines Day.

However this week I want to talk about the not so fancy things. Dates don’t have to be big expensive ordeals (although it can be fun and have their place.) Last night for Valentines day  we went to an ‘everyday’ Italian restaurant, not a super fancy one, in fact its one that you stand in line cafeteria style and then go find a table upstairs. It cost us $26.00 or something like that. Then we went to a hockey game, this is super fun yes but nothing uber special for us we have already been to a few this season and we buy the cheapest seats we can find. Plus we won a gift card from Chevy for Ticketmaster so they were free!

Anyway what made the night great wasn’t expensive food or a winning Hockey team 🙁 it was the dedicated time together, focused on each other no distractions. It was the funny detour into a store with a whole back room painted and filled with posters that reacted to a black light and 3-d glasses. It was Mac laughing when I jumped as a mechanical mummy started moving when I walked by. It was the conversation at dinner and the goofiness of competing against each other to see who could beat Where’s my Water first.  It was Mac driving home (something he isn’t fond of in downtown because he doesn’t know the area) so that I could take my sleeping pill before we left the game. Lastly it was the few min of snuggling before I went to bed and he went down to his office.

It was simple, cheap and honestly the best valentines date we have had!

My mom over at Treasure to Treasure, has reached out to her friends and collected a good amount of memorable dates from them, most simple but all memorable. You would check them out!

So now tell me what was the most memorable thing from your Valentines Day?

One thought on “Thoughts on Thrusdays: It dosen’t have to be fancy.

  1. I bought nico cologne from Mary Kay (smells amazing), and he bought me beef jerky for bloody mary’s. He also gave me money to go to my Mary Kay meeting tonight and to get my eyebrows waxed lol. Nothing too romantic for us, but we had gone out for a nice dinner the week before so didn’t see the point in spending more money. We actually weren’t even together on Valentine’s day evening.

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