Stolen Ideas: Re-Styled Valentines Shirt


There is this super cool chick over at Wobisobi who last year did 52 Re-Style projects, so many of them are on my to do list. Well this one is now on my done list! Just in time to wear it on my valentines day date tonight (under my Wild sweatshirt of course.) Check out the inspiration. Wobisobi’s  Heart Shaped , Off The Shoulder Tee-Shirt.



Check out Wobisobi’s post for full instructions but I’ll point out a few things I did differently.

I started with one of Mac’s old Tee-Shirts and one of my old too short tank tops. Along with some clips and a heart pattern (since I stink at free handing.)Supplies, Uploaded with Snapbucket

I clipped the shirt to a magazine and then traced around the heart with pencil.

Trace, Uploaded with Snapbucket

The rest I did step by step and here is what I ended up with

80s, Uploaded with Snapbucket
Not bad huh? How do you think it compares?


The Shabby NestPositively Splendid

4 comments on “Stolen Ideas: Re-Styled Valentines Shirt

  1. Super cute! I might have to try off the shoulder one of these days now that I am more fit and dropping the pounds and inches!

  2. That’s pretty cool 🙂 I did the same thing with some of my old t-shirts too. I found these really cute t-shirts by Amy Tangerine which looked easy to imitate so I made my own versions too. Great way to reuse old clothes and you save money too!

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