Green in the News #4

Here are just a few articles I’ve read lately with a little added commentary 😉

Mood-boosting Bacteria Found in Dirt

“Even if you don’t love gardening, digging in the dirt may be good for your health — and it has nothing to do with a love of nature or the wonder of watching things grow. The secret may be in the dirt itself: A bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae that acts like an antidepressant once it gets into your system. “

Quote from By Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Shine | Healthy Living

My Thoughts

With this being such a mild winter I”m aleady looking outside and seeing all the ‘clean up’ I didn’t do last year and I”m ready to start in! Gardening is already gree, heathier, cheaper and now maybe good for the mind too? Sounds great! Based on this information its un known how much fo the ‘good bactiera’ we actually inhale but hey it can’t hurt right? Just being out side and in the sun is good for your mental heath to so no matter what its good for you.

Don’t be Stupid Cupid

“For holidays tainted by commercialism, Valentine’s Day gives Christmas a run for the money — big money. The National Retail Federation estimates Americans will spend $17.6 billion on Valentine’s gifts this year, including $4.1 billion on jewelry, $1.8 billion on flowers and $1.5 billion on candy. But for consumers with a conscience, the very things Madison Avenue markets as expressions of love are some of the worst stuff you can buy.”

Found on the Huffington Post by Annie Leonard Director, the Story of Stuff Project

My Thoughts

This post was depressing for me to read, but true and sadly something I don’t think about often. I think about WHERE my stuff comes from as far as transportation and global impact but not WHO my stuff comes from. Not to mention, chocolate and jewelry are two things I hadn’t even thought of the where of those items. Humm sad, I guess I will start thinking about them now.

The Greenest Car of 2012

“American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has published its 14th annual Greenest Cars List and for the first time an electric vehicle takes the number one spot. The new Mitsubishi i-MIEV bested the Honda Civic Natural Gas, which held the number one spot for eight straight years.”

Found on the Huffington Post From Mother Nature Networks’ Melissa Hincha-Ownby

My Thoughts

My first thought was wow the Honda Civic Natural Gas healed the title for 8 years? it might have been the greenest but natural gas pumps are harder to find than electric car stations. ( or so I thunk I really have no idea.) I’m glad they are looking at their rating system and adjusting it according to the times. I’m also really happy that they are including at least part of the manufacturing process in their scoring. looks like Toyota and Honda have a strong grip non this category with Mitsubishi not far behind. I was also super happy to see the Prius in 4th since that is what I drive.

Well that is all for this month have you seen anything green in the news lately?

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