Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge Linky #4

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LIfe Love Green
What I love about Mac this month is his ability to have fun.

Something I personally struggle with is the need to do, fix, and clean everything right now. If there is anything left undone I have a hard time relaxing or doing anything for fun on my own. If I have something planned with another person then its a commitment and that is different for some reason…Anyway Mac understands the need for rest, fun and taking breaks. Its something I’ve struggled with honestly. In the past I’ve looked at it as being lazy at times. But now I realize that:

  1. He helps out around the house plenty easily doing his ‘fair share” I even talked about that in my last husband challenge.
  2. I don’t take breaks, I get down on myself if I do…

So after 2 years of  us going back and forth on this it finally hit me, the problem isn’t him taking breaks its that I don’t! I don’t relax hardly ever, even when we are watching TV I’m on my laptop doing something that ‘must be done right now’ at least in my mind.

Mac’s constant example and insistence that breaks are helpful and good for you finally got through to me. This weekend I worked on a curtain project for my father in law that has been put off for far too long. I finished the first of two curtains and then ran out of matching thread. Instead of going and buying more right away I decided to make that cute blanket for Cooper that I showed you on Monday.  It was quick so I could get back to the ‘real work’ but it was fun and every time I see it around the house it makes me smile.

I might have to try this fun thing more often

Your Turn!

Please tell your friends about this event, I would honestly like to start a ‘blog movment’ of looking for the good in those we love and appreciating them openly.

2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge Linky #4

  1. I’m also guilty of never realizing I need to take breaks too! When I get into something, I focus all my attention to it and get burned out so quickly. Jason has to tell me often that I should take breaks more often just to clear my head a little. With E being so demanding of my attention these days, it’s much easier to take breaks from things and just hang out with my family instead of being holed up at my desk working away 🙂

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