Green Craft Round-Up #3


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But for those of you who aren’t on facebook or if you aren’t on often here are my green craft favorites from the last month of facebook posts.


Scrappy Pin Cushion

Use up your fabric scraps and make something reuseable (double green!) with this great Scrappy Pin Cushion from Vixen Made.


Shimmering Candle Holders

I would bet that everyone has at lease one of these boring candle holders or maybe a extra vase or two that could use some umph. Here is a great idea of how to do that from Burton Avenue.


Hanger Bag Clips

Not sure if its a craft but its a project for sure a simple one at that. Make bag clips from old plastic pants hangers! Thanks Crafting in the Rain!

2 comments on “Green Craft Round-Up #3

  1. That bag clip idea is definitely clever! We area always in need of clips and we have so many of those dang hangers. Now I know how to make good use of them 🙂

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