A Wintery Valentines Wreath

So I’m not a super heartsy pink type of girl plus February is a cold snowy month here in Minnesota. I needed a wreath for outside my door that would reflect a Minnesota Valentines Day. So I started with a evergreen wreath and along with my mom over at Treasure to Treasure we dressed it up with a little vinyl and ribbon.

Val wreath 1, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Start with a few sheets of vinyl and cut them out in progressively smaller hearts.

Val wreath 3, Uploaded with Snapbucket

I simply layered the hearts on each other and then placed the back on on a thin piece of cardboard to make it sturdy.  Then I added some stickers to say XOXO, punched a hole at the top and hung it from the wreath.


I added a light pink ribbon all around and the a few small red ribbon bubbles here and there.  There you have it my Wintery Valentines Day Wreath.

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