Getting back on the wagon.

So right after I ran my first 5k of the year…I got sick. No big surprise there, hubby was sick a few days before the run and then when my immune system was down I ran 3.1 miles outside on the coldest day of the winter (well until then anyway.) It was bad enough that I took about 5 days off of exercising and man is it hard to get back on the wagon. Its cold here now so no more running outside 🙁 plus the gym is full of resolutioners and its hard to get into any of the classes without showing up 20-30 min early, not how I want to be spending my gym time.

But I’m starting to track what I’m eating again, I’m not doing to great with my water intake but at least I recognize it and I took the first step towards training for my 7k in March. I ran the 2.2 miles to the gym (on the one nice night) did a core class and then ran back home. That felt good its the most I’ve ever run in one day.

I’m focusing on more strength training and general ‘fitness’ this month but making sure I’m running at least one 3+ mile run a week to stay with it. Then in Mid Feb I’ll start upping my distances to get ready for the 7k its going to be hard for me, I get board. But I can do it!!!

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