Thoughts on Thursday: Too much or too little

So Mac and I don’t have kids just yet, only a puppy who sometimes he feels like a kid….Anyway, its easy for us to be so busy we don’t see each other one week and then we feel bad so the next week all we do is stay home and hang out. This means I don’t go to the gym, he doesn’t get any guy time and we both end up a little sick of each other.

A lot of marriage is about balance but this is one of the areas where a lot of people struggle. We need to make sure we have enough time with each other to keep our marriage strong, but there are also very good reasons for time apart. Time with the girls (or guys) is needed. Face it as well as your spouse knows you sometimes you just need some time with someone who really gets being a girl right? How about exercise? As long as its not hours long daily this is a good thing. Exercise helps with health, mood, and has many more that benefits for your marriage. There are  more good reasons to be apart but I’m sure you get my point. Balance is everything.


One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday: Too much or too little

  1. I think when you have kids, it’s even more important that you spend some time as a couple and also find time to be with “just the guys” or “just the girls” because having kids make you forget that part of your life. It’s not easy and sometimes it’s a lot of trial and error before you find the right rhythm. There are also sacrifices that you have to make and that’s also when you really have to learn how to be even more patient and understanding of your spouse.

    I know that Jason and I had a rough time when we first became parents. There were times we resented the other for not helping out as much but we worked through it. It was a big relief for us when we decided to put E in daycare because it allowed us to take a day off from work and just hang out together. I’m also grateful that Jason understands that I need some “me” time every now and then and I would go out with friends just for a night and just relax away from all the chaos at home and I do the same for Jason so that he can get some “him” time.

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