Less is More: Donation Box

Clear the clutter, start a donation box

Its a simple thing but its such a big help. I’ve read about it on so many blogs I don’t know why I didn’t have one before. It’s not a hard thing just find an empty box or tub and when you run across something you don’t need and don’t want to or isn’t worth selling just put it in the box. Over time the box will fill and then you can just throw it in your car and of to your favorite charity!

I like having a designated box because then I don’t end up with donation piles here and there, and bags all over the place. Never fail I would go to make a donation and when I got back home I would find at least one pile I forgot. Hopefully this will cure that problem…
Donation Box, Uploaded with Snapbucket
Also you can see on the top there I have some paper. I try to list everything I donate for tax purposes (did a bad job of that last year too) so this paper should help out with that. I will just write things down as I add them to the box.

Do you have a donation box? Where do you keep it? Do you have your spouse/kids/pets 😉 sort through their stuff often to discard un-used/unwanted or too small items often?

3 comments on “Less is More: Donation Box

  1. I have 2 donation boxes. One is for Personal needs items I aquire by couponing (by one get one free or a good deal) and I put them together and donate to a family in need or a food shelf. My small group adopted a family this Christmas (with 7 kids) and they ended up with a big box of personal hygeiene items I started collecting in the summer! My second box is for clothes, household items, etc. When it starts getting full I arrange a pickup or drop off items if I am in the area.

  2. I need a donation room since we have so much stuff we can give away. I just don’t know where or who to donate them too in Japan since donations and charities work so differently here. I know that Salvation army are really picky about what you donate and won’t accept certain things even if they are in good condition. Talk about being picky!

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