Thoughts on Thursday: Even when you don’t want to.

Last weekend I ran a 5k, appropriately named the Polar Dash. It was the coldest day we have had in a while, we have gotten used to 30+ degree days and Sunday it was like 25 degrees and windy.  The original plan was that Mac and two friends of mine were going to come along to cheer me on. Well the night before my friends realized it wouldn’t work for them, plus Mac was just getting over a cold so, didn’t want him outside. So no one was coming to watch (or take pictures 🙁 ) But Mac did say he would  get up and eat breakfast with me and help me get ready.

Then the most wonderful thing happened, the next morning when he woke up he was feeling a little better and said he would come with! It was cold, it was windy and there was no one else he knew there, but he came with, took pictures and showed his love in the most obvious way. I guess he was planning on coming since he heard my friends couldn’t but he wanted to surprise me.  He stood at the Start/Finish line for 30 min just watching for me to come back… I love this man. SOOO Much!

To be so unselfish and come with to a race he wasn’t running and probably wasn’t a whole lot of fun to watch, what a way to show love.

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