Less is More 2012

A few weeks ago I sent an e-mail to my hubby with 2 Christmas wishes I won’t give you the whole email but here are the important parts:

I would like to take January and use it as a time to catch up on everything around the house, finish the bathroom. Organize my office, clean out our extra stuff and donate it all or sell it. In order to have time to do all of this I have an idea or two.

1st I would like to suggest a TV time limit for at least 1 week of the month. We both have a tendency to sit down on the couch and then not get back up till bed time. We could eat at the table and talk out our plans for the house, get some things done together and then veg in front of the TV before bed to relax. We could still watch TV on our laptops while working on things but just not on the couch as much.

2nd Since Christmas will be over and we will have a lot of new things to play with I would like to suggest a month of only the necessities. We can still take out the cash for dinning out and maybe a few small things but really only the necessities. Since we have the Ticketmaster card we can use that for some hockey games!

So that’s what we are doing! I’m so excited. We already have one of our projects done (more on that tomorrow) plus even with an entire day off together we had very limited time around the TV I hope this starts some great new habits.

Also on a personal level to stop the temptation to bring in ‘more’ to the house I’ve unsubscribe to sooo many deal clubs, advertisements and just general junk, that I’ve gone from waking up with 40ish e-mails waiting for me to 8! I still keep the ones that give me coupons I really will use but all the other temptations are gone.



3 comments on “Less is More 2012

  1. I hear you about those temptations; especially since I am saving up much of my money (and PTO) for Quebec this May. Last week alone I had to say no to quite a few tempting offers.

    My goal is to finish our living room but it won’t be until February. January is pretty booked.

  2. I love your goals for January 🙂 I’m right there with you about wanting to stop bringing in “more” into the house and try to use or get rid of the excess we have. Good luck on achieving your goals!

  3. I set up all my “special deal” emails so they go straight into a special folder, not pausing at my Inbox. Then, when I’m ready to purchase something, I can find the coupon or free shipping code or whatever, but I’m not tempted to buy things at other times.

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