My Simple”Green” Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas all, Yeah I know I’m a few days late…whatever 😉

I hinted on Friday about my Christmas letters in my giveaway post (its still open check it out!) This year I took it a step farther than last year and removed the envalope, and the seperate picture.

Last year I had a simple card with the letter printed on the back and a seperate photo. This year I combined everything into one post card. This way I saved:

  • Paper in the evelope (green)
  • Paper and ink on the picture (green)
  • Money on the postage (cheap, lol)

I’m not sure about the printing and shipping of the postcards but I figure it can’t be any worse than that printing and the shipping of the pictures and this way there is less printing over all.  So here it is. I used My Memories Software for the front design and just Photoshop Elements for the back.



3 comments on “My Simple”Green” Christmas Letter

  1. I like your Christmas card 🙂

    This year, I didn’t get a chance to make a holiday card since we traveled. I did leave a Christmas greeting on my blog and on facebook though!

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