Holiday Sweet Swap: My Picks

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Now on to the fun.

For the last 3 months there has been a Sweet Swap going on over at Pressed Down Shaken Together. Well I’ve gone through the list and picked out my favorites to share with you.

First of all My Contibutions

Mini Lactose Free Oreo Cheesecakes


Kringle- A family tradition

Simple 3 Layer Fudge

Fudge, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Chocolate Truffle Cookies with Salted Caramel

Done, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Now my Top 5

Ummm so my first two are from the same blog, guess I found a new blog to follow!

Life’s Simple Measures.

Lets start with her Challah Bread.

I think everyone needs to know how to bake bread.

Now on to her Baked Cinnmon French Toast

Next some Homemade Caramels from Chocolate, Chocolate and more.


Moving right along to the Cooking Cowgirl and her Nutella Cocoa.

This one is for my Nutella lovin’ Hubby.
White Chocolate fudge with caramel swirl and topping

4 comments on “Holiday Sweet Swap: My Picks

  1. Hi Amber! Thanks so much for featuring my white chocolate caramel swirl fudge! It’s soo good and sooo easy! I’m looking forward to trying the Kringles — an intriguing list of ingredients. Laughed at your note on the baking powder. I never (used to) think to look at the expiration date and once found myself using a can that was way past — shhhhh!

  2. Oh my, I can’t believe two of my recipes made your list! Thanks so much for the feature, all of the other recipes are fantastic, too! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and Happy [upcoming] New Year!

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