Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge Linky #3

Yea! Its time for the Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge Linky Party!

How do I join?

Just write a post on your blog about what you appreciate about your husband/fiance/heck even boy-friend. Then come back here and copy and paste the link into the form below (very bottom of the post.) If you don’t have a blog that’s cool, leave a comment and let me know the same thing! Oh and here is the button to add to your posts.

LIfe Love Green
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The thing I most appreciate about Mac this month, is his cooking/cleaning.

The ‘problem’ with our Paintball photography business is that its a side business. I don’t have days to commit to photo editing, communications and all that goes into making it happen. Mac helps so much with this by helping out around the house and relieving that stress so that I can focus and get the photos done. Not only does this help the house stay clean it helps me stay sane!

I’m also lucky that he can cook, I’m not talking grill (although he is pretty good at that) he can actually cook. Most of his dishes have an Asian flare (makes sense since he is 1/2 Korean and lived there till he was 8 ) or are on the spicy side, and that is a perfect balance to my Midwest cooking.

We are a great team, sometimes I stress myself out I put too much pressure on myself to do everything, RIGHT NOW!!! If I just remembered that we are a team, well life would be so much simpler!

Your Turn!

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