5k Training: Dec Week 3

Another semi-busy week although not as scheduled as last week I’m back to photo editing from a paintball tourney this past weekend. The problem with editing is I sit on my butt either at my desk or in front of the TV for hours and have no activity at all. Plus I have a crazy desire to snack the whole time 🙁

I need to get the snacking back under control, but other than that I’m still doing pretty good. I’m setting the timer when editing and getting up every hour or so to do something other than sit.

Goals from last week:

Monday– I did my outside run, I ran 2.2 miles in 20:37 which is about 6.4 MPH

Friday- I ran 2.64 miles on the treadmill in 29.44 so thats around 5.45 MPH.

Saturday- I ran 1.69 miles in 18:00 flat so that is 6.67 MPH.

I did pretty good with my no caffeine rule, had a few sips of pop one night when I started to feel a little nauseous because I hadn’t eaten enough and delayed dinner too long. You know the feeling? You feel sick because you didn’t eat and then you feel too sick to want to eat? Yeah that. Then another day I had a chai latte but that is WAY better than pop, so hey.

I noticed that the 6.64 MPH run was hard, I’m not sure if it was because I ate only 50 min before I ran (not smart) or if it was a ‘in my head’ thing. I find that most of my workout drains are in my head and not really my legs….I need to work on that.  Mind over matter right?


Goals for this week:

1x @ 2.0 Miles No Less than 5.5 MPH (Gym)

1x @ 2.5 Miles  No Less than 5.4 MPH (Outside)

1x @ 2.8 Miles No Less than 5.0 MPH (Gym)

1x @ 1 miles Pushing it the whole time (Outside)

I want to cut out pop entirely this week even the caffeine free, who needs the chemicals right?  I don’t drink much (maybe 2 a week) but I find myself craving it more. I also want to cook at home Mon-Friday next week, I have no reason not to, I’m purposefully not planning anything this week except the gym.

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