Homemade ‘Etched Glass’ winter hurricanes.

I’m so excited to share this project with you my ‘etched glass’ snowflake hurricanes. They are so pretty, versatile and good for the whole winter season not just the holidays! So I’m going to show you how to use Dusted Crystal Vinyl, a candle stick, vase and glue to make a great hurricane centerpiece. Snowflake Hurricane Step 1, Uploaded with Snapbucket

First gather up all your supplies and cut out whatever shapes you desire. For the winter I did various snowflakes from the Gypsy Wonderings font (Cricut)

Make sure you are placing the vinyl side up which can be a little tricky so I’ll give you a hint, when you place it on your cutting mat the words on the backing should be backwards.

Next weed the vinyl and place transfer-tape over the entire cut. Use a crayon or colored pencil to shade the cutouts so you can see your designs. Then cut out around the snowflakes

Color the Flakes, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Then start placing your snowflakes around the vase, start with the bigger ones spreading them out evenly and then distribute the smaller ones in between. To place them on rounded vases gently bend the cut out and place the center first and then smooth out to the edges

Start in the middle, Uploaded with SnapbucketLastly take your glue and following the instructions on the packaging connect the candle sticks to the vases allow to dry and your done!
Final 1, Uploaded with Snapbucket

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