Thoughts on Thursday: little surprises

I’m one of those girls that DOESN’T want flowers on valentines day they are too darn expensive but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them ever, just not that week. However other random times they would be exciting to get. Hubby on the other handĀ likes these little Korean treats Pepero

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So what do flowers and Korean cookies have to do with anything? Its pretty simple actually. I don’t think you can buy true love, however little surprises like these can show your love to your spouse. If you know they are having a hard day at work, a really busy month or for no reason at all show them you are thinking about them. It doesn’t need to be big and expensive. Just a little something to say “hey I love you so much I went out of my way to pick this up for you, Muah!”

You don’t have to do this often, in fact it will mean more if its not a “scheduled weekly task’ but when you do I’m sure you will get a smile, hug and maybe even a kiss.

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