Green in the news #2

Here are just a few articles I’ve read lately with a little added commentary 😉

Tips for a Plastic free Holidays

As we prepare for celebrations, let us all remember our commitment to a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on people, animals and the environment. Lets make a special effort to reduce our plastic footprint and REFUSE disposable plastics. This holiday season, Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges, Grammy winner Bonnie Raitt, and Emmy nominated actor and well-known activist Ed Begley, Jr. have all voiced their support for Plastic Pollution Coalition in conjunction with our Tips for a Plastic-free Holiday. Read what these notables have to say about Plastic Pollution Coalition and find out some great tips for a plastic-free holiday:


My Thoughts: I get press releases sent to me all the time and normally just delete them but this one was actually interesting to me so I thought I would share. As to why this was interesting to me? Did you know that most commercial wrapping paper has plastic in it?!? That makes it non recyclables in your paper bin. I always thought it was because I compared it to a magazine page. I try to avoid commercial paper anyway and mostly use my handmade cloth gift bags, but this just re-enforces that thought.

Austin TX may ban ALL Plastic/Paper bags

The City of Austin might enact one of the broadest bag bans in the nation and prohibit disposable paper and plastic bags at all checkout counters starting in January 2016.

In the meantime, starting in 2013, retailers could continue to offer thin, so-called single-use bags, but customers would have to pay 25 cents apiece for them, according to a draft of the ban.

My Thoughts: They aren’t the first city to ban plastic bags but this is the first time I’ve heard of a possible full ban on shopping bags. Personally I think its a great idea however I would like to see them keep an option for paper bags at a charge. There are times where even the greenest of greenies forget their bags at home and really need to pick up a few things. I also use about 2-3 paper bags a week to sort my recyclables, if they take paper bags away in my city I guess that is ok but they better give me another recycle bin so I can sort my paper from everything else like they want. Umm I wonder if this one passes?

Commute By Public Transit? Your Tax Benefit Is Being Cut

Right now, commuters who get out of their cars and onto public buses and trains can avoid paying taxes on up to pay for up to $2,760 of income – $230 per month.

But because Congress hasn’t reauthorized this commuter benefit, so it is set to revert to $125 per month starting in January.

My Thoughts: This is so sad,  especially when you read the full article and see that the parking tax breaks are still in effect for there full amount. I know that the guys up there are busy but I can’t imagine much controversy to this one so I don’t understand why it hasn’t been passed. I personally dont’ ride the bus daily (because of the time of day I work) but I do make use of the system enough to have a pass and I’m very excited about the light rail coming right by my work. I hope this is corrected quickly since for many people this benefit is something they sign up for as a part of the annual benefits elections.

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  1. Portland recently passed a ban on plastic bags for larger businesses (there are very particular rules about square footage & gross revenue…don’t remember all the details) but they still have paper bags. I’m curious to see how much of a difference (if any) this makes in people using reusable cloth bags.

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