5kTraining: Dec Week 2

Well I think with my crazy busy week I did pretty good this week and I was VERY happy with the pace I was able to maintain for 2 miles!

Goals from last week:

Monday– I ran on the elliptical at home modarate pace for 15 min. Its out of a battery so thats all I know.

Wednesday– I ran 2 miles on the resistance elliptical at the gym for 21:02 which is about 5.5 MPH!

Friday- I ran 2.01 miles OUTSIDE in 18:30 which by my math is around 6.5 MPH wow! That seems a lot faster on the treadmill….

It was my first outdoor run too and it went pretty good, I need to find some different gloves but the termalite longsleeve lined shirt and the thermalite training Nike sweatshirt I got out the outlet store were the perfect weight. I also used my tights with jogging pants over them and then just wool socks with my running shoes. I had a headband on for my ears and just those light weight streach gloves, those are what I need to get replaced, they were too drafty, but my heavy warm gloves will be too bulky šŸ™ tonight I”m going to try my “tech” gloves. They are mid weight and work with my iPhone so that is a plus.

Oh and I did packet pick up for my first two runs next year. Check out the great swag I got!


This is a great quality fleece with reflective touches (thats why its blury) and more stiching on the back!


This one is girls cut which is nice but its long and so are the sleeves they even have the thumb holes! Plus it has stiching on the front,Ā sleeve and hood as well asĀ raised printing on the back. This is high quality swag here. Just wait till I show you the medals I get too they are pretty cool!

Goals for this week:

1x @ 1.5 miles no less thanĀ 5.5 MPH (Gym)

1x @ 2 Miles no less than 5.5 MPH (Outside)

1x @ 2.5 Miles no less than 5 MPH (Gym)

Cut all caffine and just sleep more

Continue to monitor sugar level


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