Simple and Green-ish Upholstery Cleaner

So the chairs in the Prius needed a major cleaning, so bad that I didn’t even take pictures. Ok maybe you didn’t get pictures because I cleaned them at night in my poorly lit garage. But trust me it was bad.

Anyway, I got to work trying to find an upholstery cleaner that I could make from things I had at home. Why you may ask? Well….

  1. Because I’m lazy
  2. Because I’m cheap
  3. Because I didn’t want anything chemical laden.

I found various ideas and such but most were some veriation of this same basic concept

warm water+ dish washing liquid + mixer= cleaning foam

Homemade Upholstery Cleaner, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Dawn is the only brand of non “eco-friendly” dish soaps I use and that is because Dawn is fairly eco friendly comparatively to other brands.  Problem is most eco brands dont’ foam up and that is the part we need.  So anyway. Use 2-3 cups warm water (whatever it takes to reach the bottom inch or so of your whisk.) Then add a few drops of dish liquid (4-8) until it foams up real good.

 Foam, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Then use a white cloth and the foam only (don’t want to saturate something with water that you can’t hang to dry.) and scrub away. This does a great job of picking up surface dirt and such. If you have a suede cleaner sponge use that to scrub out some of the deeper stains. A suede cleaning sponge has a loopy plastic side like a mix between a loofah and a dish scrubber but won’t destroy the fabric.

Thats it told you it was simple.

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