5k Training: Dec Week 1

My goal for December has shifted from weight loss (although I hope it still happens) to training.  After running my first ever 5k last year I’ve decided that I would like to complete 4 of them this year. The original plan was 5 but one of the races no longer has the 5k option 🙁

My first race will be New Years Day, the Polar Dash…brrr.

So that is why I’m focusing on training this month, I haven’t been running any distances recently. I want to make sure I”m running at least 3 times a week, here is the plan:

December 4th-10th 

2-1.5 mile runs at 4.5 MPH (one run outside)

1-2 mile run at 4.5 MPH

December 11th-17th

2-2 mile runs at 4.5 MPH (one run outside)

1-2.5 mile run at 4.5 MPH


After that I’ll reassess for the final 2 weeks.

As far as food goes I plan on limiting my sugar (this will be a hard time with all the  Christmas goodies but I can do it) and sticking to the 1200 calorie plan. Days I exercise I will be able to add 1/3 of those calories to my daily limit i.e. if I burn 300 cal in a workout I will increase my limit to 1300 for that day.

I gained a few pounds back over the last few photo editing and holiday weeks, Its not because of portion control but the snacks and sweets I allowed myself during this time so, time to cut back on those. Of course I’ll enjoy Christmas Day and have a splurge here and there but not everyday.




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