Green Craft Round-up #1

I see a lot of great projects out there that are green in one way or another, I share them on my facebook page but I don’t have many of you on there so I thought I would pick my favorites and show them to your every once in a while so here it is my Green Craft Round-up for November.

First off here is one of my projects:

Here is my Vinyl Scrap Vase


Now for a few I found around blog land:

Sweatshirt Liposuction by See Kate Sew

As soon as I find in January. Mac is losing a sweatshirt.


Twisted Newspaper Wreath from pressed down, shaken together.

The wreath base maynot be green but the use of old newspapers is!

Framed thread holder by Grey Luster Girl

I can’t wait till I get my office together enought to make this!

 Fabric Coffee Sleeve from scraps and Goodwill finds at Revamp Homegoods

This is the best tutorial I've found for these.

Come on over to my facebook page to see all the other great green finds I have throughout the month.

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