Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge Linky #2

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The thing I most appreciate about Mac this month, is his love of family.

The end of October beginning of November starts up hockey season around here, and for the last few years Mac has been in a league playing with his Dad. They will go out and open skate about 2 or 3 times a month to practice and then every week they play against other organized teams in a league.

I will  also get a random note or text from him on days when he is off and I’m at work saying he is going to take his mom out for lunch. They normally go to the Korean Deli, and this is normally in the summer when she is off from work, but it melts my heart when he does it.

We also go to their house every 6 or so weeks for dinner and baseball/hockey game on TV. We just hang out, watch the game, and enjoy each others company and I love it.

I miss hanging out with my family but I’m glad to know that Mac has the same love of family that I do.


2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Husband Challenge Linky #2

  1. I’m totally linking up this time! I even wrote a post just for you (about Jason though)

    I love how Mac is such a family person 🙂 I think family is important and to marry someone who shares your feelings and love for their family is an important thing to have. A man who does not cherish his own family would probably not cherish the family he’ll have with you, right? You’ve married a good man, Amber 🙂

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