Thoughts on Thursday…on Friday: The mundane things are the best things.

So I was thinking about the times recently that I’ve most enjoyed being with Mac and surprisingly it wasn’t the big things, the dates or the trips for paintball (yes those were fun.) We all know we need to ‘date’ our spouse when we can but I also don’t want to take for granted the everyday things.

I like cooking with him, putting away the laundry and talking. Watching The Sing-Off and sharing our thoughts about the groups. I enjoyed working on our roof together and learning what we were made of! These everyday things are the majority of our marriage so don’t forget about them!

Next week is the first Husband Challenge link up party I can’t think of a better day to start it than on Thanksgiving, and I didn’t even plan it that way! So get your lists together, what did you notice, learn, appreciate about your husband this month?




2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday…on Friday: The mundane things are the best things.

  1. I totally agree with you about enjoying all the mundane things in our relationship. Jason and I don’t have a lot of time to ourselves these days so we take all the little moments we can get together. We even enjoy our “couple time” with E, especially if we take her somewhere where she can play safely. We’d just sit together on a bench, holding hands and watching and laughing with E as she runs around. It’s not terribly romantic but just being together and knowing that we are happy, those are the best moments.

    And I’m ready for the first Husband Challenge 🙂 Can’t wait to link up next week!

  2. I just want to encourage all of you “younger” wives. This is a great thing to learn early in your marriage – appreciation. Appreciate all that you have and you will enjoy all of life more. Good job ladies!

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