Green in the news #1


Here are just a few articles I’ve read lately with a little added commentary 😉

Today’s articles are from Do Your Part.

Baby shampoo with carsenogenics

I’m sure you’ve heard the stink recently about the Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo with a potentially cancer-causing chemical can be found in a popular brand of shampoo for babies. “The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics says Johnson and Johnson is using a formaldehyde-releasing ingredient in the baby shampoo it sells in the United States. Quaternium-15 is a chemical preservative that kills bacteria by releasing formaldehyde. “

My Thoughts: I’ve got a few thoughts about this one, first off if you were truly concerned about chemicals in baby shampoo you would be using an all natural shampoo already. That being said we would like to think that the chemicals a company is using in a baby product are not ones that have been found to cause ANY adverse affects. However I will state that this Quaternium-15 was just labeled a cancer-causing chemical on June 10th 2011 by the National Toxicology Program and even if J&J stopped manufacturing immediately when this was release there would still be some of this product on the shelves. Until June they most likely (giving the benefit of the doubt) didn’t know about this. Personally just find a person in your area who makes all natural soaps and use those.

Apple is developing a solar farm!  

I don’t think this needs much more explanation than that but if you want more just click on the link.

My Thoughts:

So I guess this isn’t new, the article says they already have 3 of their facilities in Texas, California and Ireland that run 100 percent on renewable energy. I’m already and Apple-addict this just strengthens that I guess!

 First Passenger Jet using green fuel takes off!

 Since I”m heading out on my final paintball trip of the year tomorrow this one is really interesting to me. “Passengers on select United Airlines flights will be flying in eco-friendly fashion. The airliner just completed the first-ever passenger flight using fuel made from algae. The flight from Chicago to Houston used a blend of petroleum-based jet fuel and biofuel made from genetically modified algae that feeds off plant waste and produces oil. The fuel, called Solajet, is provided by renewable oil and byproducts company Solazyme. United also agreed to buy twenty million gallons of the eco-friendly jet fuel from Solazyme every year. United officials say if sustainable biofuels are produced on a large scale at an economically viable price it can one day play a meaningful role in powering everyone’s trip on an airline.”

My Thoughts:

I must not pay attention because I didn’t even know this was in the works. Let alone that Delta had already made so many low emissions efforts on the ground. I’m intrigued by this but also concerned about the price. I think in this economy many including myself would struggle to fly if there was s price hike, again.


One thought on “Green in the news #1

  1. I actually quite enjoyed this post mainly because I like reading your comments about each articles 🙂 I agree with you on the Johnson and Johnson news. When I was pregnant with E, I always thought that I would use their products because that’s a company that I always associated with baby products. But I did my research and found out that there are many other products that were made with natural ingredients that was safer for babies. After E was born and on one of our trips back to California, my in-laws bought Johnson and Johnson baby products for us to use because it was the only one they knew of. Unfortunately, E had a very bad skin reaction to the chemicals in their products and that’s when I knew that we can never use their product. These days, I pay more for natural soaps and shampoo for E because I know those are safer for her.

    As for the Jet Fuel thing, I’m on the fence on that one. I’m still not sure if I’m ready to be on a plane that’s using a different type of fuel source. I know it’s greener and better for the environment but I don’t want the plane to die midflight because of issues with the new type of fuel. Maybe if there have been more successful runs and a few more airlines start using them for a few years….then maybe I will be comfortable with flying in them.

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