Weekly Report Card: November week 1

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So I’m re doing the actual “report card” part of this post right now because well it never formatted well and it was hard to read so That part is going to be left out until further notice. But not to fear I’ll still have my stats.

I’m pretty excited really even though it was a week where I was just trying to get back on track with my exercise because when I exercise I have more motivation/desire to eat heathier, amazing how those things go hand in hadn. LOL. Anyway I’m down another .8 lbs which puts me at 148.8!

This week was pretty basic, but Saturday I had a great work out it was a great start to the day. First I ran a mile with Cooper it was a short, slow run but it felt good to get out there again. Then I went to the gym and did a fitness palaties class. I felt great afterward.

Meals this week were simple and to easy to talk about but they were mostly made at home and that by default makes them healthier than a resturant.

We did try one new recepie but it was kind of a bust. I don’t mind it but Mac thought it had too much spinich and the edges were crunchy but that could have been solved if I had spread the topping out better. Over all the dish was average it was Makeover Tuna Casserole 

(FYI you must log in to see this recipe)

Makeover Spinach Tuna Casserole Recipe

Picture is from the Taste of Home website, mine didn’t look that pretty.

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