Thoughts on Thrusday: Keep talking.

First off, have you kept track of something you love about your spouse this week? Remember we are going to do the Husband Challenge link up on the last Thursday of the month (24th.)

Keep Talking


Life gets busy, things get crazy. Your going to work, appointments, running errands and if you have kids your running them around too. You may see each other in passing once in a while but really there are those days (or even weeks) that you just don’t have much time together. So make the time you do have together count. Not just in the normal ‘date your spouse” way thata we hear about so much but also with communication.

Talk to each other, review the calendar, talk through specifics, make sure your spouse is remembering the big events of the week (dinner with the family, Timmy’s big concert) just make sure you are staying on the same page. Miscommunication can cause a lot of un-necessary stress.

Also keep talking about what needs to be done  around the house and such. Nothing worse than thinking your spouse can read your mind and then getting mad when they can’t. I tend to get a little extra stress build up as the house gets messier. With life being so busy lately the house is…well not at its best. According to friends its really not that bad but its stressing me out. So  I talk to my hubby about it and low and behold he helped me attack a few things on Monday and that really helped out.

Humm guess talking works…

One thought on “Thoughts on Thrusday: Keep talking.

  1. I’m a big supporter of good communication between spouses. It’s an important part of a successful marriage, right next to respect, trust and love. I talk to Jason every day. Just being able to unwind by sharing our day with each other and talking about plans for the weekend or even about E helps us connect with one another. I know that I can never read his mind so I know that he doesn’t know how to read mine either which is why I am always opening up to him about things.

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