Report Card: October Week 4-Balance

So I skipped a week of recording and I’m definitely out of the habit but I got in a great work out this weekend with my friends trainer and it was great, great motivation that is. I got on the scale and miracle it said the same thing it did 2 weeks ago!! 149.4  still under 150 I couldn’t be happier and ready to go for November.

I’m working on finding a balance still November is going to be my last crazy paintball month, its bitter sweet but I’m ready for a nice calm winter. But for this month I need to balance house maintenance, exercise and photo editing. The photo editing is the big problem it could take all my time and all I’m doing is sitting down doing nothing. But I’m getting a system. I’m back to scheduling my gym time (tonight at 7:30) and I’m only photo editing for an hour at a time with a min of and hour in between doing other things be that relaxing, reading, or cleaning.

I’m also back to cooking and oh its so fun. This week I made from scrach chicken noodle soup. Well fresh except the noodles when I went to make them and realized we had no flour humm need to do a major shopping trip. But it was my first time making stock and it turned out well. Bones from a baked chicken, peels from onion, carrots, celery stalk, and something else I’m sure oh pepper corn and sea salt. Put it all in a crock pot for about 18 hours and  then strained it. The left overs are in the freezer for the next batch too! (Don’t worry I have 4 of these)


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