Thoughts on Thursday: Oct Re-Cap

Remember last months Husband Challenge? I’ve decided that at least for a while I’m going to keep it going on the last Thursday of the month. In fact I’m going to try and start a Linky party to encourage you all to do it with me (see the end of the post.)

This month had been pretty busy for us we have done photography for our first wedding, roofed the house, I’ve gone on a paintball trip without him and ripped the carpet out of our living/dinning/hall. Phew. Through it all Mac has been great. House projects arn’t his favorite things. He likes how they turn out and make the house ares but the process is well you know. However this months we completed two big projects in two weeks and it was great!

Macs ability to pick up things is great, he has never owned a house before but he has no problem jumping in and trying things with a little instruction. Then away he goes. He became our “Master carpenter” on the roofing project filling in all the old vent holes and that allowed our friend the roofer to keep roofing! It was a great help.

As for the ripping out of carpet, Mac was sick so the first day I worked on my own and got about 2/3rds done, not bad. But when I needed help at the end to get a big piece out of the house, he came right up and helped with that. Then with a burst of energy the next day he got the rest of it out before I got home!! That was great. We worked together to rearrange the furniture and remove the last of the tack board.

I really appreciate how much he has been doing around the house. With the last few photo-shoots (paintball, wedding, paintball and another paintball trip in 2 weeks) I’ve been overwhelmed with editing. He has been great at keeping the house running and especially great at laundry (one of my least favorite things.)

So in summery this month I really appreciate my husbands willingness to help and learn about being a home owner. Its already been an adventure the last 2 years but its been great!

Now what have you appreciated about your hubby this month? Write it down and link it up!


2 comments on “Thoughts on Thursday: Oct Re-Cap

  1. I just love how much you appreciate Mac for everything he does. I think if more spouses could show appreciation for each other on a regular basis, then divorces wouldn’t have to happen so often.

  2. I know Nico and I aren’t married, but I still appreciate all of the things he does for me. lately my asthma had been terrible, and even at six in the morning he will wake up and rib my back if i’m having an attack. he had been so patient since I’ve started nursing school, and thatdefinitely relieves my stress. you and Mac are great together, and its awesome that you appreciate each other so much.

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