The Eco-Friendly Trend/Giveaway Reminder

Hey Guys don’t forget the water bottle giveaway ends today at 2:00 CST!! Their are only 22 entries so you have great odds if you enter!

Have you guys noticed that being green isn’t ‘weird’ anymore. When I pull out my bamboo silverware travel set people don’t blink and eye and most think its cool and want to know where I got them. Using cloth grocerie bags is common place and bringing your own coffee mug to the barista saves you 25 cents. Heck even one of my advertisers recently sent me a package and what was inside?Photobucket

Ok so its a pretty bad pic that I tried to make better with fancy editing but if you can’t tell its a reuseable hot cup, cold cup with straw and shopping bag!!

Whats the point of all this? Don’t be ashamed to be green. Right now its a fad, it might not always be but for the moment go with the flow.

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