Paintball Weekend Wrap Up

So I’ve been gone for a few days (not that you guys noticed but my hubby did,) and I thought I would come back and share the weekend with you via my iPhone pics I took.

 First of all I flew down to the Orlando area in Florida for a paintball tournament, it was far hotter than I expected and I had to buy some of the ugly sunglasses they had for sale there.

Then I started to take pictures of my team Tampa Bay Damage. They did great. During the lulls between matches I helped out my friends at Ninja Air and Guru Gun Stands. Ninja had a great limited run of Pink Breast Cancer tanks and they sold out!!


I like these guys so much I put their name on my lens.


I met up with some crazy characters

Then after Damage won the WORLD CUP!!! We went out and celebrated with Steak and Seafood.Photobucket

So what have we learned from this? I had a lot of fun and the things I choose to post on facebook (ie take pictures of with my phone) are WEIRD.

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