Blogger Bible Study: When I lay my Isaac Down Ch 4

My mom over at Treasure to Treasure is doing and online version of her Woman’s Bible study. I decided to join in too. We are reading “When I Lay my Isaac Down: Unshakable Faith in Unthinkable Circumstances.” this week completing chapter 4.  Here are the links for Chapters 1 & 2 as well as Chapter 3.

This week Carol talked a lot about stretcher barriers. Stretcher barriers comes from the story in the Bible when a paralyzed man was carried and then lowered on a stretcher in front of Jesus and was healed. Mark 2:1-12.  In this book we weren’t focusing on the healing however but the stretcher barriers. They physically carried their friend to Jesus. They cared for him so much that when it seemed all hope was lost and they would never get close to Jesus they continued to carry him and found another way.

Stretcher barriers are those friends who to through the unthinkable circumstances with you. They never let go and carry you when needed. You may not have many of them but as Carol says it only takes 1. These people pray for you, consistently, they help out  around the house if you need or they make sure you stay engaged with the real world when all you want to do is stay home. At least that is what my stretcher barriers did.  I was so blessed with people praying, sooo many people praying. We started a blog  just to keep them all updated. The youth from our church came and helped us with Christmas decorations and Fall clean-up. Frozen meals delivered weekly and people drove and sat with Mark during radiation treatments when I couldn’t get work off.

Wow, we had an amazing bunch of stretcher barriers during and even after our fight with cancer. People inviting me over to their house for family dinners so I could eat with someone, 4 families in particular keep me social. I would say honestly without them keeping me going I don’t think my heart would have been ready for Mac when I met him, but because of these four families it was.

That leads me to my latest stretcher barrier. Mac, I can’t think of anyone better to encourage me to live life. He holds me up on my bad days, and encourages me on the good ones.

I’ve truly been blessed, I think I need to start writing some thank yous, real hand written thank yous.


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  1. Taking time to thank those (and I think a “real hand-written” thank you is a great idea encourages not only those you are thanking but stamps their gift to you plainly on your heart. Reminding you of God’s provision which is extremely important in this life. I like journaling the stories too. Then when I need a reminder I have a tangible one.

  2. Great post. I honestly had forgotten about the stretcher barriers (when I read this book back in 2008 I was going through an especially dark time and went through autopilot a lot). We had a similar message at our church in September and our Pastor called these people “your home team”. I started being able to identify these people after my grandmothers diagnosis and passing thereafter. I do have to say it was things you said or insight you provided me quite a few times that really helped me through some rough days. Though we don’t get to see each other a lot I do consider you to be part of my home team. Thank you for being there through some really rough times.

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