Thoughts on Thursday: Miss each other

Ok lets  talk to the girls first, since I know most if not all of my readers are female. When your separated from your spouse  for a night or a month its hard. You miss them and that’s ok, in fact that is a good thing. There may be a few days of enjoying having the house to  yourself (if  you don’t have kids) but then you just want your guy back. So go ahead and miss him. Set up times you can call, video chat, whatever you want to do to stay connected.  Maybe write notes and stick him in his socks so he gets a surprise when he puts them on.

BUT don’t become that wife who calls 80 times a day and all the other guys groan when they hear the phone ring. I know it seems fine to us to call when we think of something, hey we might forget later but for guys, ish,  I have it on good authority. (I may have been that wife a time or two.) Now if you have a good reason to call, do. Family emergency, furnace is working, kids are hurt, whatever, call. For me when I want to call with one of those little things, I just make a note of it and then when we do our before bed call we can talk about everything at once. Sometimes it make the conversation weird to “refer to my list’ but in the grand scheme of things its a better way for us.

Now you guys, its easy to go in to ‘busniss trip mode’ or ‘hunting mode’ and forget about us ladies. We know its not because you don’t love us, but after a few days of not hearing from you it makes us sad 🙁 So if you can i.e. your not out on a hunting trip with no cell service. Try to acknowledge us in one way every day. Send a text if you don’t have time for a call. Or even if its a longer trip send a card home.

Find what works for you guys and remember its ok to miss each other!

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