Blogger Bible Study: When I lay my Isaac down Ch 3

As I’m reading chapter 3 of this book (When I Lay my Isaac Down By Carol Kent) I realized I’m working on two different situations where I have to “Lay my Isaac Down” Carol has two catagorys she groups the “Isaac Experiences” into. Here are mine.

  1. Losses catagory: Terminal Illness/Death of a loved one
  2. Personal choices catagory: Letting go expectations of myself.

But the two are very related. The personal expectations started resonably, I’ve always looked out for others but within reason. Now because of the illness of my first husband they escalated in to over-drive again compelty appropriate. Since his death however they haven’t gone back to the normal level.

So I know what I need to let go, but where to start? Well I think in the first category I’ve got it down pat. Carol talks about tears bringing us closer to God. Buy crying out to him we are opening our hears and allowing God to comfort us. The second category is a little harder though. Giving up my emotions is one thing but giving up my control is another. I need the constant daily reminder that as it says in the book:

And in the process of releasing, we find ourselves deeply loved. The love is born from within Him, not from what He sees in us. That’s a good thing, because we know we’re not worth all that much. But in His eyes, we are worth everything. He has already shown us how much. He gave the greatest heart sacrifice known to man — His only son.


2 comments on “Blogger Bible Study: When I lay my Isaac down Ch 3

  1. I am also having to work on the second area. I spent so many years worried about what others thought or how they would react I hung onto relationships (with friends) that were toxic. It’s only been in the last year or so I have been able to let these relationships go or to set limits with people presenting ongoing difficulty for me.

    Giving up control has been something I have always struggled with. I always described it as a visual of me handing my issues/troubles/etc over to go put still having a one hand on them. Thanks for posting this!

  2. A very common struggle. It’s a protection mode for most people. It’s a lifetime mode for some of us. Nothing wrong with looking out for others but we need to choose to do what we do out of love, not guilt, fear or anything else. When we do what we do out of love THEN we have choosen correctly. When guilt and fear play into it we struggle.

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