Thoughts on Thursday: The little Things pt 2

A while back I gave you a little taste about “The little things” in a marriage that keep it going. Well this week Mac gave me a good reminder on how important these things are.

I’m talking about those little things that show your spouse your thinking about them and you appreciate them and all they do.

Mac reminded me this week how important it was when he send me some silly little videos to show me some of the fun things he is seeing while away on business. Nothing amazing just some seagulls, sea lions, and pelicans, but the fact that he thought it was fun (ok come on we are from the land locked Midwest here) and thought it would be fun to share it with me made me grin from ear to ear. Then again last night instead of just a regular phone call he wanted to Fring (video chat on our phones) so we could see each other. Again, went to bed smiling.

I know many people don’t go on trips without each other but there are many ways we can do this on “normal’ days as well.

  • Send a picture (text or e-mail) to your spouse of something pretty/fun/silly/yourself the kids/the dog. Anything that will make them smile. This one is especially good if they are having a hard day or a long day away from the house.
  • Switch a roll, if he normally cooks cook for him one night. If  she  always gets the kids ready for bed, let her relax and take over.
  • Say thank you for something your spouse does all the time. (Clean the kitchen/doing the dishes,/taking out the trash/doing the laundry/keeping the lawn mowed.)

What other ‘little things’ do you guys do for each other?!? I’m running out of ideas and would like to change it up a bit.

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday: The little Things pt 2

  1. Aww, that is just so cute of you two! I know when I have to travel overnight to places or even overseas without Jason, I would skype him every night. We never talk about anything significant but we do share our day and just sit there together talking about the things we see around us.

    We also send text to each other everyday. Normally they’re things like “I just saw this cake you’ll like. Let’s go eat there this weekend” or other silly things. Jason also gives me foot rubs after I shower just because he knows that my feet are tired a lot and he wants to do something to soothe my tired feet 🙂 As for me, I always notice the small stuff that he needs done and I get them done for him before he realizes he needs them. Like if he is running low on his type of shampoo, I buy a few new bottles and place a fresh one next to his almost empty one so he doesn’t run out.

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