Biking to be green.

Do you have a bike? Do you know how to ride it? Well then you have an easy way to be green and get some exercise in the process. Say you need just a few things from the grocery store or Target (wal-mart, k-mart whatever) take a ride there.  If its 2 miles or under its a pretty short ride. Grab a backpack and go. Get  your workout and your groceries.

Things to consider:

  • If you need frozen items and the ride is more than a 1/2 mile or so just drive, that is unless you need it thawed out.
  • Don’t forget your bike lock.
  • Oh and don’t forget to put your wallet in your backpack, yeah been there done that.
  • A backpack with a waist and chest strap will help distribute the weight.
  • Use pockets to hold small or fragile items

2 comments on “Biking to be green.

  1. Mike is the one who bikes a lot in our house. I used to have a bike but it fell apart. I do love living where i am now though because there are so many places within walking distance–I walk to the redbox to return my DVD’s, I walk to pick up the Sunday paper, I live across the street from the hospital so in some cases I could just walk there if I need to…a couple of times I have even gone out for breakfast and walked to Keys and back! Couldn’t walk anywhere at the old place without the risk of getting run over!

  2. I have a bike but I don’t know how to ride it! I think I just have really bad inner balance because I always fall over 🙂

    I do have a solution for those who want to bike longer distance and also need frozen items. Make sure to carry one of those insulated bags and a pre-frozen ice pack with you so that you can keep those items cold. The market I go to is a bit far and since I walk everywhere, keeping things frozen is a concern I have to deal with a lot. Thankfully, my market also provides dry ice packs for a small fee so that you can use it to keep your frozen items frozen.

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