Vinyl Scrap Project

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We all have at least one of these flower vases laying around right? You get flowers in them and then they are so tall and narrow you don’t know how to use them again….until now.


First step is simple but so important, clean the vases very well so that the vinyl adheres.


Then take a few colors (3 or more) and cut them in to strips 12 inches long. I cut them in 1/4 inch 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch wide strips.


Next start wrapping them around the vases I kept a color order but varied the widths.


When it was all done I filled it up with old potpourri that has lost its scent but not its visual appeal. I’m really happy with how it tuned out, I like how simple it is but one of the fist things out of my husbands mouth was “When did you buy those?” best compliment ever. 


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