TOT- Husband Challenge week 4

OK I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to do this again next month I’ve not seen my husband nearly enough this month to really do any good see below for further proof:

Sept 23rd-Again Mac tolerated the girls being over and a makeup/hair craziness and then I was off to a bachlorett party.

Sept 24th-I love it when Mac helps around the house, that is better than flower any day. (But Mac if your reading this I’ll still take some flowers time to time, just not any ware near Feb 14th)

Sept 25th-oops

Sept 26th- Twins game with mist off and on and a sucky team, we still managed to have a great time. Honestly anything is fun with this guy.

Sept 27th- Didn’t see him at all he was out fishing with his Dad.

Sept 28th- I had a stressful day, I canceled all of my nights plans just to go home and be with Mac, just his presence calms me down. Seriously after a 45 second phone call today on a break at work I was already feeling so much better.

Sept 29th-I love that he encourages me to take care of myself. To cancel things when they get over whelming and to take a break from cleaning even when the house really could use it.



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