Minnesota Twins go Green

Ok not going to lie I was pretty impressed with the new Twins Stadium. Not only with how nice it was (even when it was misting out.) But also with how much they encourage green polices.  It was honestly easier to recycle than throw away your wast I think the green recycle bins out numbered the garbage 2 to 1. All ‘normal’ condiments we distributed via pumps instead of individual packets and check out what they had in the bathroom:


I’m sure it saves them quite a bit of money but I’m choosing to believe they did it so be green 😉

I really like the trend I’m seeing of large companies going green, I don’t know if its from peer pressure or trying to cut costs but either way I like it. I think as bigger companies become green things like recycling and such will become mainstream instead of the exception. This is the second time I’ve seen this at a major event this year remember my Cirque du Soleil post from earlier this year?

What made this even better is that my friend pointed it out to me. Why am I so excited about that? Well I don’t preach being green, I don’t talk about it all the time I just do it. She noticed that and knew that I would be interested. That is fun for me!

Oh yeah the game was fun too, lol they lost but it was a lot of fun to go with friends. Thanks to the Chevy Girls for the tickets!


2 comments on “Minnesota Twins go Green

  1. 🙂 thanks again for bringing us, so much fun! And i loved the toilets lol, but I feel like everyone would know if you pooped so thats weird.

  2. You are too cute sometimes, Amber. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so excited and fascinated with how green things can be if people put effort into enforcing it 🙂 I think if there were more people with so much enthusiasm in being green like you, it would be so much easier to completely convert to a greener lifestyle!

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