Weekly Report Card #5

Well technically I made my monthly weight goal! Sunday when I weighed in it was 150.3!!! So that makes me 150 in my book.

I’m failing miserably at tracking my exercise, but I’m going to do better at that this week.

So I’m going to set 2 extra goals for this week.

1. Drink 1/2 my weight in water daily. I weigh 150 so that equals 75 oz daily.

2. To track my exercise accurately.

So there will be no official report card today. But I will tell you a little about my week. My exercise was sporadic since I’m working on editing over 4,000 pictures from paintball last weekend. but I still got some in. I did a Jillian Michales work out I like them because they are quick (20 min) and they work multiple muscles at once but this particular one was hard because it had so much wrist involvement. I also did the insanity workouts ab routine and some swimming. Man swimmers are in so much better shape then me 11 laps with breaks in between and I was done. Yeesh

But we have a successful new recipe I thought I would share. Its from one of my favorite websites to fine healthy versions of classics. Eat Better America , White chicken chili.

White Chicken Chili

Photo From the website.

It was delish, so simple and will be made again for sure. I didn’t include the zucchini, Mac wouldn’t have touched it if I did. But I read reviews that said, other people ‘got away with it’ and the kids or hubby didn’t notice. I would highly suggest this one.


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