TOT- 30 Day Challange Week 2 & 3

Only a week and a day late …..

 This months Thoughts on Thursdays are going to be a little different I started a 30-Day Husband challenge a few weeks ago and for the next few Thursdays I’m going to be  doing updates on that project. So click here to read more about the challenge and here for my 1st weeks post.

Sept 9th- Friends sometimes have ‘issues’ that take up your time. Mac is very understanding when this happens and will help out “my friends’ any way he can.

Sept 10th- When Mac knows I”m stressed out to tht breaking point he always looks for away to relieve it. Weather that means doing laundry, helping with some cleaning or another project or taking me out to dinner.

Sept 11th- I love the reandom pictures he sends me of him, him and the dog or anything they always make me smile. Here is todays random picture:

Sept 12th- Forgot to note

Sept 13th-Forgot to note

Sept 14th-Forgot to note

Spet 15th-19th We were out of town on a paintball trip. Even though we had communications problems this weekend, we both realized it and it even became a running joke with us. In the  past this would have caused multipul fights but this weekend we recongnized it for what it was, communication errors.

Sept 20th- Lol I really didn’t see MAC today I worked 6:30-3 then a training from 4-7 when I got home he had dinner figured out, so that was great.

Sept 21st– Another ‘extra points’ day for MAC, after I got home tonight I had a girlfriend come over and we worked out, then we did trial makeup and hair for her wedding! Not only was he great about all that but he again made dinner!

Sept 22nd– Dinner with friends, seeing this boy laugh is one of my favorite things ever!


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