Know where you buy from.

Do you know where your store gets is product from? Is it local? Can it be local (lets face it some of our everyday staples are made no ware near Minnesota.

Does your store ship products in and out using the greenest method possible?

Do they sell products that are eco friendly? Remember this doesn’t just mean recycled and organic. It also includes products that are manufactured using green power (wind or water,) products made out of sustainable material (think bamboo instead of wood or cotton.)

Do they encourage the use of cloth bags? Some stores give you a cents discount per bag others enter your name in a drawing and still others will donate a certain amount per bag you use to a charity.

How do the stores you frequent impact the world?

2 comments on “Know where you buy from.

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t know where my store gets their produce and meats from. They tend to put the prefectures and regions where meats and vegetables come from but I don’t know what type of places these places are.

    One thing the stores definitely encourages is the use of eco-bags (cloth bags). They normally give you a 4-5 yen discount for having one 🙂 I carry a backpack since the closest store is a little over a mile and a half away and it’s much easier to carry groceries on my back than in my arms!

  2. things definitely to think about because I have no idea. What a great idea for a blog and great info! thanks for the facebook share love!

    jamie @ theletter4

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