Weekly Report Card Week #4

Well this week was bad, I started off keeping track but I worked a weird schedule then I flew to DC on Thursday and just got back yesterday.

I hate terribly but I was on my feet for about 8 hours a day, unfortunately according to the scale this morning that didn’t matter. However a Tuesday morning weigh in doesn’t count because it made me grumpy so we will get back to our regularly scheduled program next week!

I would like to make the argument that I took all the healthy food I could pack in my suitcase but when flying your limitied pluss I”m at the paintball field all day so I have to eat what they have there.

My goal is to be down to 150 by my weigh in on October 1st so I’ve got some work to do the next two weeks. I also am going to have to do a good job of balancing life for the next two weeks, I have lots of pre-wedding stuff for a friend of mine, a house to keep up and over 5,000 pictures to sort and edit from the paint ball tournament this weekend. Plus I need to fit in some legit exercise…. Ooh here we go!


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