My new shoes. Review.

So a few weeks ago I got some new shoes in the mail, and I was giddy as a school girl to try them on. Why? Because they were Heelys!!! I know I know what did I need with Heelys, I don’t have any kids I’m 28 and all of my cousins are 4 hours away. Well to be honest I don’t know either, but the bug bit and I went with it. I’m glad I did. They are so fun, I don’t typically go out with the wheels in them (because of an un-related recent hip injury I haven’t gotten to practice much) but I can tell you they are a blast.

These shoes are cute, I love the color I picked out, they look so good with some jeans and they have just a thick enough sole that I can wear some of my longer jeans with them.  But my favorite thing is how easy it is to put in the wheels when I want to play around a bit and then turn them back in to regular shoes for large amounts of walking. But instead of talking about how easy it is let me show you:

 Like I said earlier, I don’t have any kids but I can’t help  to think how fun it would be to go skating with my kids and be the “cool mom” with the Heelys.  Of course there are only a few precious years of being cool before you be come embarrassing so make sure to take advantage while you can 😉

 Overall I think they are some fun shoes, they have some style and some entertainment value, They are actually pretty darn comfortable and the soles have great traction, this is great for stopping when you have the wheels in but its also great for just walking around.

  For more information about how to get your own pair check out the Heelys facebook page or their website. Also check out this cool webpage for some videos on how to skate and tricks you can do as well as an agreement you can review with your child for safe use of the skates. 


I did receive these shoes for free in order to review them. However that did not influence my opinion of them.

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  1. You are too cute 🙂 I think it’s sweet how you bought Heely’s for yourself. I always thought I was too old to be wearing shoes like these but you didn’t care and bought them anyway. You would definitely be the cool mom if you guys had kids 🙂

    You almost had me convinced that I should buy a pair too. Except the idea of Jen-on-wheels is too dangerous to society (ask Jason. He’ll confirm that it’s true). So to keep the people on the streets of Tokyo safe, I’ll have to refrain from buying these 🙂

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