Weekly Report Card Week #3

This week was different, I worked out plenty but I had more core/strength and less cardio this week and it showed. I also went out to eat more than I should, while I still made decent choices they were no where near as healthy as if I had eaten a home cooked meal. So Saturday I weighed myself and it was about 152.5 down another pound! But then when I weighed myself Sunday morning 153.8 pretty much the same as last week ūüôĀ I’m thinking this is a fluke weight honestly, I weigh myself through out the week (I know its not accurate but I use it as motivation)and since Thursday I’ve been weighing in in the 152s. (PS I thought something was weird so I checked again when I got home (down .8)¬†and this morning (down another.4)¬†the new “offical’ weigh in is 152.6)

I also need to remind myself that there will be some slow or even stagnant weeks as I’m not only trying to lose weight but also trying to build muscle. So on to the report card:

Cardio- Cardio this week included running twice first 2.2 miles and the second time I increased that distance to 2.6. Well on my way for the 5k in October!

Core/Strength- included Vinyassa Yoga which I’m now in love with, and a barbell strength class at the gym. I liked both classed but as stated above I think for now at least I should do more cardio per week to help shead the pounds then I’ll start the intense toning.

                                                 Sept goals per week           Sept 4-10
Push-Ups                                              70                                     35
Push-Ups In a row                            10                                      15
Balance Ball Push-Ups                    50                                      20
BB Push-Ups in a row                      10                                       15
Pull-Ups                                                 3                                          2
Sit-Ups                                                  175                                     75
Sit-Ups in a row                                   25                                       25 
Cardio                                                    140                                      50
Run 2 Miles in                                       22                                      22
Strength/Core                                    80                                        120
Weight                                                  150                                      152.6


Recipe winner of the week was this Quick Aloha Chicken from Taste of Home. I think the only thing I would do different next time is marinate the chicken in the remaining pineapple juice and a little soy sauce and sesame oil before cooking. We also used sticky rice not instant rice and it worked just fine.

Picture from Taste of Home

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