TOT- 30 Day Challange Week 1

This months Thoughts on Thursdays are going to be a little different I started a 30-Day Husband challenge last week and for the next 4 Thursdays I’m going to be  doing updates on that project. So click here to read more about the challenge.


Sept 1st-I admire his passion for keeping me safe, he will do anything it takes to make sure I’m physically and emotionally safe.

Sept 2nd( I know there was something I just forgot to write it down)

Sep 3rdI love how quiet he can be, just taking in his surroundings and processing them before responding. This is something I need to learn.

Sept 4thI’m  sure its not easy for him but he has embraced my friends from my ‘old life’ with open arms, in fact they are become his friends too. We don’t see each other often but when we do there is nothing awkward about it.

Sept 5thFamily is very important to me and it is to Mac as well to be honest if it wasn’t important to him it would have been a deal breaker.

Sept 6thMac brings so much peace. Last night I got myself all worked up, Mac normally goes to bed later than me on Mondays but last night he came to bed with me, just his presence calms me down. I slept like a baby, even with worry in my head.

Sept 7thI love this mans smile,  it can convey so many emotions. There is the sly smile, the mischievous smile, happy smile, and his proud smile to name a few. I’m a sign language interpreter and I love seeing emotion on his face.


 This week was interesting, it was part getting into the mode to look for things and write them down. Part what do I want out of this, what do I want to learn.

This week I noticed that I was more appreciative of Mac, once I really started looking at what he does around the house, I was less apt to become grumpy when he needed some down time. Also I think (I think because I didn’t ask) that me purposefully pointing out things I liked that he did, saying thank you, and telling him I loved him often really impacted our attitudes.

Did any of you join in? Tell me about it, either here in the comments or link up your blog post.





One thought on “TOT- 30 Day Challange Week 1

  1. When we take time to appreciate those we love both in our own thoughts and verbally to them and others we don’t have time to focus on the stuff we don’t like so much. Overall life becomes more pleasant for all involved! It’s a great way to live.

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