Report Card Week 2

Busy crazy week, yikes. Started it off with a fun day at the fair so lots of fried food (1 corn dog, order of fried pickles and some sweet marthas cookies, oh and a jumbo rootbeer) But I also walked around for 4 hours so I think that balances, right? They were worth it though.

Cardio this week included, Rollerblading, Swimming, Running and a Jilian Michales video oh and walking lots of walking not only the above but also the two days I worked as an interpreter at the fair.

Streaching/Core included Yin Yoga, and the same Jilian Michales video as above. My friend and I agree that at least for us we liked the Vinyasa Yoga  from last week much better, it was a streaching workout moving from one pose to the next in quick sucession with lots of movement. This was much slower paced and focused on breathing. Nice but not for us.

 Not my best week honestly but with all the deadlines I had and some extra stressors I’m still pretty proud of myself.

  Our favorite healthy meal of the week was  the Loaded Nachos from All You magazine of all places.

By limiting (meaning counting) the amount of chips you have on your plate, and using fresh veggies you keep the calories down and the beans help keep you full. Plus they tasted great! We didn’t use the greek yogurt (Mac is lactose intolerhant) and they really didn’t need it they were perfect as is.

On to the report card:

                                                   Sept goals per week                     Aug 28-Sept 3
Push-Ups                                                  70                                                20
Push-Ups In a row                                 10                                                12
Balance Ball Push-Ups                         50                                                 0
BB Push-Ups in a row                            10                                                0
Pull-Ups                                                       3                                               Grrr
Sit-Ups                                                       175                                              50
Sit-Ups in a row                                      25                                                 25
Cardio                                                        140                                               66
Run 2 Miles in                                           22                                                24
Streching/Core                                        80                                                70
Weight                                                        150                                             153.3

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