Report Card Week1

Cardio this week included Zumba, Running, Swimming Laps, and Lawn Mowing

Stretching/Core included  Vinyasa Yoga (60 min)

Weight lost 1.5 pounds!

Sept goals per week           Aug 21-27
Push-Ups                               70                                  40
Push-Ups In a row               10                                   10
Balance Ball Push-Ups        50                                  50
BB Push-Ups in a row         10                                   10
Pull-Ups                                  2                                     0
Sit-Ups                                 175                                   95
Sit-Ups in a row                  25                                    25
Cardio                                  140                                  145
Run 2 Miles in                     22                                    25
Stretching/Core                   80                                    60
Weight                                 150                                153.8


We tried a few new recipes this week including 2 from Eat Better America they take common recipes and ‘healthified’ them.

First we tried the Chicken Tortilla Cassarole it was ok but not very filling plus (oops) the cream of chicken didn’t set well with Mac’s lactose intolerant stomach. We won’t be making this one again.

Next we tired the Stuffed Chicken Parmesan it was delish and will be made again!

One day we had oven roasted veggies for our dinner (with a side of wheat crackers and cheese) a little olive oil Sea salt, pepper, and italian seasoning and they were great. I think I may add garlic next time.

 Snapbucket,Original,Vignette: Small Black

Veggies came from my friends garden that I worked to earn.

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  1. Good start! I’m finding just one decision at a time works for me. Like choosing to stop computer work and go for a run. Yeah for me! Did a good thing! 🙂 In other words rejoice with each good decision and don’t always think about the big (sometimes huge) overall picture. I can handle not having dessert tonight but not for the rest of my life! 🙂

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