Keep your garden green.

I’ve been reaping great rewards from my garden this year (yea!) and wanted to share a few ways with you that you can keep your garden green.

  • If you have a container garden, use recycled containers instead of new ones. If you don’t want to use old things from around the house buy ones made of recycled material.
  • Use a rain barrel, you can check out my home made one here and there are plenty of websites with different designs.


  • Water early in the morning or after the sun goes down to prevent evaporation.
  • If have have a large garden and a watering can isn’t an option use a soaker hose instead of a sprinkler.
  • Use mulch, wood chips, compost anything really to help retain moisture.
  • You can use biodegradable paper bags (from the grocery store) as a weed barrier between and around plants.

One thought on “Keep your garden green.

  1. Great tips. Another reason to water in the morning is because some plants like squash or pumpkins will be more prone to mold with afternoon watering — they need to full dry out before the sun goes down.

    Newspaper and old cardboard boxes make fantastic weed barriers also. I usually put down about 5 sheets of newspaper around my plants before mulching…makes it easier to pull weeds if they pop up…and really keeps the number of weeds down.

    Would love to have you drop by my Friday garden link up and share this post… and other news of your garden 😉

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